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Pioneer  .  Trailblazer  .  Global Leader

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A Commitment to Excellence and Service

My intention is always to leave people empowered, enabled and present to their own greatness and to use my life as an inspiration for others.

A founder, CEO, entrepreneur, humanitarian, rocket scientist, internationally-acclaimed speaker, trailblazer and world leader, Dr. Camille Wardrop Alleyne is a force to be reckoned with. Her accomplishments in the field of space exploration have been nothing short of extraordinary. In the highly technical fields of science and engineering where women are in the minority, she is one of the most-recognized women in aerospace engineering and one of the few women of color to serve in senior leadership position at the NASA. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Alleyne migrated to the United States at the age of 17 years old and with her passion for space, she pursued a career in space engineering.


~Dr. Camille Wardrop Alleyne

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